The Founders
We create. Your healthy place!
Fitco Group Ltd. founders are actively working in the fitness industry for more than 15 years with professional table tennis background for the Bulgarian National Team. Villy was a former fitness director for several International chains in Europe, Middle East and the United States. While she was developing her lеаdership skills her interpersonal skills empower her to build and maintain strong working relationship built on trust and respect. Fitness and Sports are in her blood and that is why it is easy for her to generate a profitable business and inspire fitness employees. 
Sports Expertise
Core Values
That’s how she met Petya. Starting her career as a group trainer who later became a successful personal fitness coach and a group trainer manager. Didn’t take too long for Petya to open her own gym dedicating herself to her clients healthier and more functional lifestyle. By combining skill sets, work ethic, and core values Fitco was born. 
Being inside the industry “kitchen” and witnessing key factors for success made us question ourselves: “What if we offer fun and fitness in a way that has not been done before?”, “What if we offer new educational training programs for adults, as well as children?”
What if?
From idea to realization
Starting with nothing more than an idea, Fitco was created as one of the strongest  fitness brands in three continents. One idea has became a ship of new ideas and they just kept coming. Once again, we need to move beyond what we have at present!